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The theatre, dance and other performing arts can teach an individual how to express themselves effectively, and can also be a tool in which a person with disability can communicate shyness before attending classes, but gradually begin to flourish and become more confident as they find there ways to communicate. In addition to teaching self expression, the performing arts helps society as a whole in self-knowledge and understanding. Above all, the performing arts is about being creative. Students who don't have access to art classes may not only miss out on a key creative outlet, but might also face greater difficulty mastering core subjects, higher dropout rates and more disciplinary problems.



We're passionate about sharing our knowledge and our love of music with you. We ensure our students are prepared for the professional music world, and that they have the opportunities they need and want during their time here at Step by Step Performing Arts Academy. If you'd like to see for yourself what the School of Music and Performing Arts is all about, contact us to set up a tour or an audition and meet our faculty. 


Dance requires a dedication to personal expression, an appreciation for disciplined training—and a desire to move, of course. If you have this kind of passion, then you’ll want to study dance at Step by Step Performing Arts Academy. Students of all skill levels, from young beginners to advanced, study ballet, tap, and modern dance. Our faculty blends technique and artistic exploration in a supportive environment that encourages fun while providing a firm foundation for their students’ future success as performers.


Step by Step theater programs are especially geared toward fostering young performers in developing and honing their acting and stage presence skills. The Academy program teaches life-skills, enriches self-esteem, and broadens horizons with a focus on building confidence through individual and group achievements.

Further Studies Regarding the Importance of the Arts

How the ARTS Benefit

Student Achievement

Fine Arts Courses Help Students 

Excel In Math And Science

Why is Performing Arts 

Important in  Education?

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